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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3 shoots its way into Android Market

December 19, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android gamers thirsting for a first person shooter can head to the Android Market and download Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. The game is available now for select Android 2.1 or higher users with $6.99 and 1.37 GB of storage space to spare.

Modern Combat 3 takes inspiration from COD: Modern Warfare 3, only it attempts to make the mobile game the “deepest and most intuitive FPS gameplay on smartphones.” That 1.37 GB data download powers the beautiful graphic rendering, “cinematic” moments in which the game slows down and focuses on imagery, sound effects, and voice acting that’s really a step-up from MC2. With 13 missions in single-player taking place across several levels that represent major global cities, the gameplay got a big boost in the latest version of Modern Combat.

Of course, no FPS is complete without multiplayer, and Modern Combat delivers shootouts with up to 12 players battling online. There are 7 different multiplayer modes, 6 maps, and enough weapon diversity to make for some interesting battles. Early reports from the Android Market show signs that there’s some lag in multiplayer, so there may be an issue with devices/networks not accessing content fast enough. It could also be that Gameloft needs to refine how it matches players to ensure similar connection speeds. At the moment, the game has sold only 100 copies, so that may improve once there are more players online.

Head to the Android Market to download Modern Combat 3. Not all devices will be compatible with the game, so be sure to request a refund if your phone doesn’t make the list.