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Add to your Google Currents library!

December 29, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google Currents arrived earlier this month with a flash of headlines to display, well, headlines and the news that accompanies them. The stylistic news reader downloads specially designed articles from your favorite news sources and brings a variety of topics to your Android phone or tablet. I’m pleased to report that is now one of those sources!

After some light reading to understand the platform and dusting off my long neglected CSS skills, Androinica is now ready to be added to your Currents. Some of you may have simply added our RSS feed to get a standard import of our articles, but I feel confident saying that the proper edition will be a better buy – especially since its free.

Androinica can now be found in Google Currents by clicking this link from a mobile device or scanning this QR code. Once you load it up, you’ll find these main sections.

  • News is the catch all section where we post every single article published to
  • Reviews is specifically for people looking to see what new apps to download and what devices to buy.
  • Videos is our video section that imports clips directly from our YouTube channel – to which you should subscribe, by the way.
  • Google+ is where we share select posts from our favorite social network. To everyone wondering why I use the #cu tag on certain posts, it’s because that’s the easiest way to control which posts appear.
  • Features is exactly what it sounds like – a special section where we’ll post short quips and promote contests or articles that we want to highlight. There’s nothing there yet, but it will be populated shortly.

Here’s a short video showing how to set everything up, as well as a brief walkthrough of our Currents edition. Stay tuned for more.