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HTC and porn company spar over naming rights, but other Android devices are also potential targets

November 16, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



The problem with a new phone being announced every day is that companies eventually run out of names, so they sometimes choose a title another company has already claimed. That’s why Verizon has to pay George Lucas for permission to use his trademark “Droid” name in its phones.

Brand overflow is also why adult entertainment company Vivid is crying foul over the HTC Vivid just released on AT&T. TMZ and The Verge report that Vivid has sent HTC a cease-and-decease letter to stop using the name on its Android phone, claiming that it may lead to confusion about whether the company is involved with the phone. Before you dismiss that as silly, keep in mind that Vivid does have a Google-optimized TV website and is always looking for ways to spread it’s message. Heck, maybe Vivid wants to put out a phone someday. Wouldn’t that be an interesting phone to review.

The HTC Vivid isn’t the only Android device that could rub brands the wrong way. Here’s are a few other phones and tablets – along with some awful puns – that may draw the ire of another company.

ASUS Transformer Prime – This one is a new brainer to me. Using a well-known brand and then attaching half of the name of its iconic character seems too blatant to have been an accident. Either Asus is really cavalier about possible lawsuits from Hasbro or it already has a deal that hasn’t been mentioned. Or perhaps it’s being…disguised?

Sprint Express – This new phone coming to the Now Network is already out of fashion based on specs, but what if the clothing retailer decides to makes an app or co-branded phone? Then Sprint will be “out” like a Project Runway reject.

HTC Raider – Bell may have chosen the “Raider” name for its version of the Vivid, but what if the NFL franchise feels that name steps on its toes? Plus, the phone is fast, and we all know how the late Al Davis had a penchant for picking up speed at all costs.

HTC Edge – This rumored phone that hasn’t been confirmed yet could tick off the forgotten WWE wrestler. HTC may get pinned or put on the ropes yet again.

ZTE ScoreIf one porn company can sue a phone manufacturer, why not another? (This is the part where you pretend that you don’t know Score is an adult entertainment producer.)