Verizon gets in the holiday spirit early, doubles data cap

November 8, 2011 | by Ben Crawford



If you’re a new or existing customer looking to upgrade on Big Red, you’re in luck (for a limited time). Verizon Wireless has decided to double their data caps when you buy any 4G capable phone. Instead of being capped at a lowish 2GB with Verizon’s awesome LTE, they are offering 4GB at the same price of $30. The same holds true for the other tiers as well: 5GB of data is doubled to 10GB and 10GB to 20GB.

Verizon’s holiday lineup is one for the record books with the Razr, Rezound, and Galaxy Nexus all set to hit store shelves this month. Believe me, with the near-broadband speeds of LTE, you’re going to want all the extra data you can get. All of these phones are 4G capable, and with the amazing screens (and screen sizes) on each of these devices, movies and games are going to consume your data considerably.

Having Verizon myself, I was tempted to leave after my contract ended for Sprint’s limitless plans. However, 4GB of data is a decent chunk to have handy even for someone like me who uses Google Music for eight hours at work and downloads custom Roms to my phone daily. For me, the Galaxy Nexus coupled with this habit-breaking announcement by Verizon, make it very tough to consider leaving Big Red’s embrace.

I am one of the first people to criticize Verizon when they make a change because it’s usually for the worst. But, I wonder if we could be seeing a change of heart from America’s largest carrier. With a pure Google phone and a show of generosity toward its customers, Verizon may win a few people back to its side.

Thanks to Droidlife for first reporting this story.