Sonos Controller adds Android tablet support, Slacker, and better Spotify streaming

November 30, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Entertainment, Multimedia


Sonos, the speaker and app combination that we raved about earlier this year, has been updated to add another streaming service and other improvements that will make this an even better home audio option.

Newly-added Android tablet support is the big ticket item in Sonos Controller. The app is now downloadable for Android tablets running 2.2 or higher, including most popular tablets ranging from the Kindle Fire to the Motorola Xoom. Sadly, Sonos didn’t do anything to the app other than make it scale to fit the larger screens. There’s still quite a bit of empty space and the buttons are incredibly small considering all that extra screen real estate going to waste. Still, it’s better than nothing as I’ve often wished I could control my Sonos system from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead of relying on my phone exclusively.

Version 3.6 also brings Slacker Radio for users in the United States and Canada. That opens up more streaming and on-demand options, including customized radio stations and ESPN or news. (Note, press the ‘i’ button in the lower right corner to get Artist/Song/Album info.) Streaming Spotify through Sonos also got better thanks to the ability to access Spotify inbox and listen to the New Releases or Top Tracks playlists. Still not enough?

Sonos now supports AAC+ and the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Note: If you already have Sonos working on your device, DO NOT update your ZonePlayers because they will break compatibility. Everything was working fine for me this morning and when I updated, things crapped-out. I expect Sonos to provide a fix for this soon, but ignore prompts to update your ZonePlayers for now.