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Galaxy Nexus fans: see a taste of the camera’s power with this photo gallery

November 4, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



A lot of people have been disappointed that the Galaxy Nexus has “only” a 5 Megapixel camera rather than the 8 megapixel beasts that have been seen other recent Android phones. As we’ve covered countless times, a camera’s megapixels is about the size of the photo produced, not the quality of the image captured. So unless you’re trying to get 8 x 10 photo’s printed, you will never care about those extra 3 megapixels.

So, if you’ve been worried about the 5 vs 8 megapixel debate, don’t. Worry about the good vs. bad, light vs. dark, smooth vs. noisy debate. All that matters is whether or not the Galaxy Nexus will look good when you whip out that phone to take a picture of your husband and daughter posing together, or your co-worker making a funny face.

Android developer advocate Tim Bray has shown what the Galaxy Nexus is capable of by sharing some photos on Google+ of a recent trip to Asia. Some of the images look a little dark and don’t pick up as much light as I would hope. Not sure if that’s the muggy Shanghai weather or lighting conditions, but we’ll see more when the camera is in another person’s hand.

Here are a few shots from the gallery, but you can see all 24 images on Google Plus. Also, this isn’t an end-all-be-all look at the Galaxy Nexus’ power, just a taste.

Hat tip to Pernell Moore for the share.