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Still on Google+ these days? Well, tell us what to put on +Androinica

November 7, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Perhaps you’re a part of the millions of people who are still active on Google+ these days. Or maybe you’e one of the millions who scurried back to Facebook and Twitter for your online communication needs. Either way, we’re still around and looking for the cool kids.

Google opened Google+ to brands today, allowing businesses and media outlets like to finally have a presence on the site without fear of being struck by the banhammer. Thousands of you have already circled staff member personal profiles; now you can connect with Androinica directly and get strictly info on Android rather than our musings about sports, life, and everyday minutiae.

Join us now on +Androinica. Only, we’re not quite sure what you guys would like to see on the site. We definitely want to do more than just post links to articles (though we will do that without spamming you) and the funny quip here and there. What else would you guys like to see on our Google+ page? More photos? Occasional hangouts to talk shop or answer questions? Maybe we can test ideas and get instant feedback from our readers similar to what we do on Twitter, only in a more organized fashion.

Add us to your G+ circles and drop us a line. It also wouldn’t hurt to hit the +1 button right below on our page. Be sure to also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube if you haven’t already.