Sprint caps more 4G data plans, but don’t freak out smartphones are still good

October 21, 2011 | by Charles West



Well, it looks like the folks over at Sprint are making some more alterations to its data plans. The Now Network has announced it will end unlimited WiMAX 4G data for certain plans. This news comes fresh off the carriers plans of switching to 4G LTE in 2012. Before you freak out you should know the regular smartphone data plan is still good, so users can continue to consume as much data as humanly possible.

This new change will give the pinch to unlimited mobile broadband plans, which is tailored to users of mobile hotspot devices like USB modems, tablets, and netbooks. This isn’t a big deal if you’re thinking of going to Sprint, but those who were signed on with an unlimited broadband plan won’t be grandfathered in after November (yes, you heard right). Come November users will have three plan options 3GB, 5GB, or 10GB per month. Discussing the change to unlimited 3G/4G mobile broadband devices, Sprint had this statement:

“If you have a mobile broadband device such as a tablet, netbook, notebook, USB card, connection card or Mobile Hotspot device, effective beginning with your next bill following notification, your on-network monthly data allowance will no longer include unlimited 4G.”

I know from the outside looking in this doesn’t look good for users holding out hope for their unlimited smartphone data plans to go untouched. Sprint continues to say that it intends to keep unlimited data plans for smartphone users, but with these rapid changes it’s becoming harder and harder for people to take them at their word. I want to remain optimistic and believe what Sprint is saying. I think these are necessary changes they have to make to stay true on keeping unlimited data plans for smartphones.

What do you guys think? Is unlimited data plans for smartphones next on the cap list?

Source: Sprint, via Mobileburn