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Pulse News now syncs sources across devices, becomes even better news reader

October 11, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Pulse News has become one of the best news reading apps since its shaky start in 2010, but it had a persistent problem:  whenever someone reset their phone or switched devices, information was limited to that device. While Google Reader can store your news sources in the cloud and always provide hundreds of articles to read on almost any device, Pulse users previously lost their news set-up every time they got a new phone or loaded a new ROM.

Not anymore.

A recent update to Pulse News has finally added the ability to sync across devices. Readers now have the option to set-up sources on their phone and have the same information ready when they switch to a tablet. Need to upgrade your phone or do a factory reset? Those stories will be waiting for you when you re-download the Pulse app. And with a special bookmarklet or Chrome extension, you can even save articles spotted on the desktop to read later on your mobile device (or vice versa).

The long-awaited features are now available through, which stores both the articles you mark to be read later and the sources that you have added to Pulse, allowing easy set-up across devices. Synching is optional if you want to have unique sources for each device, but for those of us who have been waiting on an easy way to repopulate, this is long overdue. This was my biggest complaint about Pulse and a sore spot when comparing it to other mobile reading apps. The only complaints I have left are that it would be nice to have the offline reading mode add photos, and the refresh rate could be a tad quicker.

Download Pulse from the Android Market to update, and then follow this tutorial to learn how to set-up sync.

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