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Crazy rumor: Will the Nexus Prime support docking into a tablet mode?

October 5, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Late last night, Samsung sent out a teaser video for its Samsung Mobile Unpacked event at CTIA, where the company is expected to unveil the next Nexus device from Google on Oct. 11. The video is built around the concept that combining two great things – cookies and milk, coffee and newspapers – makes everyday life better. Could it be that Samsung and Google plan to add phone and tablet to the list of two things teaming up for the perfect combination?

At the end of the Samsung video, a profile of what is believed to be the Nexus Prime appears on-screen under the tagline “Something BIG is coming.” The giant curve on-top of the screen has led some to speculate that this is a sign that the Prime will have curved glass like the Nexus S, and the three points on the sign will enable media or charging docks of some kind. Two Google+ users I stumbled across this morning theorize that the giant curve and points are actually signs that the Prime will turn into a tablet.

Joe Lancaster got the idea from Kristian Serrano, and admittedly calls this a “crazy hypothesis.” (I’m not exactly sold on this idea, either.) However, as unlikely as this may be, it’s something interesting to consider. Take a look at an enhanced screenshot that Lancaster took from the video. By changing the lighting, Lancaster was able to isolate what looks like a phone with a curved tablet on top of it. Could it be that Google and Samsung have developed a phone/tablet hybrid similar to what ASUS showed at Computex a few months back?

Personally, I think that the image was just a sneakily poetic way to show that Ice Cream Sandwich will merge the phone and tablet software versions that Google has created. I’m also not sure if it makes sense to put what looks like a power button on the docking side. However, if Lancaster and Serrano are right, calling this device a “Big” development would be an understatement. Here’s the original video.