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Big Android BBQ 2011 Interviews: What’s your phone? [Video]

October 4, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The 2nd Annual Big Android BBQ has wrapped, and the great times had should surprise no one. Android enthusiasts, developers, and bloggers convened in Austin, Texas to talk Android, see demos, eat barbecue, and sip a few adult beverages.

When you attend an event filled with Android fans, you’re inevitably going to see practically every phone you can name. As I reached for napkins to get the BBQ sauce off my HTC EVO 4G – how did I make this mistake two years in a row? – I started wondering what phone everyone at the Android BBQ was sporting, and what they want from their next device. So I then wiped the sauce off my camera and started posing that question.

The most popular answer – stop locking the bootloader – was expected considering the audience, but it was interesting to see what people wanted most out of their phones was to make it their phone. People want to customize, theme, and tinker with their phone until it pleases them, regardless of the vision that phone manufacturers have of the product. And it wasn’t about the super-specs companies constantly advertise; it was about specific features.

Below is a video with some BBQ attendees saying what they want in a phone, mixed in with a few shots from the day’s events. Thanks to all the great organizers of the BBQ and everyone who appeared in this video. As always, the best part of these events is putting names to faces and hanging out with people you’ve only communicated with online. See you guys in 2012! (Knock on wood.) Be sure to view photos in our Facebook Gallery.