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Android Apps Alert #75: ADT Pulse, Sandisk, Minecraft, and more edition

October 7, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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We recently covered Hipmunk, a great web search for flight travel that’s designed to remove the agony of travel booking. Google owns the company that many flint search services source for data – ITA – and they just updated the Android app for that service to give direct access to flight schedules. Users can search for flights from or to multiple airports in the same area, set flexible dates, and narrow towards coach, business, or first class seats. The app then searches for flights and forwards users to the respective booking agency since purchasing is not available in-app. A line graph shows cost over time. (P.S. OnTheFly is also is compatible with tablets now.)

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Washington Post

The Washington Post joined the ranks of famous newspapers that now offer an Android app. The Washington Post (WaPo) app is ad-supported and features a nice presentation of the big stories of the day. A digital front page appears when the app is launched, listing the top stories and giving users the option to sports, local (DMV area only), lifestyle, and other sections. There are also blogs from WaPo and weather reports tied to your GPS. My personal favorite thing about the app is that it has a special section deduced to galleries and photo essays that show some incredible photos. Grab this app if you like to read one of the premiere news sources from the nation’s capital.

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Amy, Brad, Cindy, and Dan are college students who share an apartment. Their minds are not always on household finances, so it can sometimes be tough to keep track of who owes what for expenses. Conmigo is an app that thinks it can easily perform that task using Android and iPhone devices. Monthly expenses rent and groceries can be monitored, as can singular outings and shopping trips. Conmigo then evenly divides cost between the four roommates – or however many people are in your group – and shows how much each person owes. When someone has to “settle up” (pay), the balance is reflected with optional descriptions. The great thing is that this new service is working on being even better soon. Conmigo has plans to add a website, manage multiple groups, and sync across members so all group members in Conmigo will have up-to-date information.

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