Tip: Android Market website now sorts reviews by Date, Rating, and Helpfulness

October 10, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Android Market reviews can often be a crapshoot in relevance and being resourceful, so we welcome any attempt to improve the way that they are displayed. The Android Market Website was recently updated to highlight more relevant comments and filter according to certain categories.

Artem at AndroidPolice notes that entries now allow users to sort by Date, Rating, and Helpfulness. Users can get to this filter by clicking the “Read All Reviews” link at the bottom of an app listing. On the following page, a “Sort by___” drop-down menu then provides the aforementioned options to switch things up.

This immediately address three key problems that once plagued the Market:

  • Reviews will be chronological and most-recent, which should end the out-of-sync and outdated comments of the previous version.
  • Users can see the highest-ranked reviews if they want to get a glimpse of the people most happy. Unfortunately, this feature is pretty worthless on a popular app because there are thousands of 5-star reviews and no way to filter to see more tempered or angry responses. I’d love to see an “Only 3 star” filter like what Amazon’s product store offers.
  • Helpfulness will potentially help weed out the trolls. Whenever someone leaves a valuable comment, other users can leave a thumbs up or down to voice their approval. The helpfulness option pushes the most-approved comments to the top.

Start downloading apps to see these filters in play. It won’t solve all the problems that we have with the Android Market, but Google seems to be advancing. And when it comes time to leave your comments, remember our rules for market etiquette.