Honeycomb Speaker makes your desk sweeter [Accessory Review]

October 6, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Accessories, Android Accessories


Whenever new devices arrive at Androinica HQ, the first things we do is crank the volume up to the max and hope we can reach Level 11. Sadly, most devices never make it to the highest setting, forcing us to stay close to the device or rely on some kind of Bluetooth speaker. There’s a cheaper and arguably more stylish solution available in the Honeycomb Speaker.

Part decoration and part utility, the Honeycomb speaker jam-packs the loud sound we crave into a tiny device meant to look like Google’s Honeycomb logo. The Honeycomb bee has rubbery wings and a plastic body available with black stripes paired with blue, green, orange, red, or white. The familiar stinger completes the design and a thin metal ring helps balance the speaker on a desk or counter.

The problem with the Honeycomb speaker is that it’s bigger on the decoration side than it is on the utility as a portable speaker. While I love the high volume levels capable from the speaker, the sound quality isn’t much richer than what I get from the built-in speaker on my HTC EVO (and it’s actually not as good as a Toshiba Thrive). Further limiting appeal is the reliance on USB to power the speaker. Having USB be the sole power source is fine if you plan to plug in to a computer, but users are out of luck if they had designs of connecting to a phone or tablet lacking USB ports.

In the end, the Honeycomb Speaker is just an entertaining knick knack to decorate a home office, perhaps coming in handy when you actually want to blast higher audio. Users can find speakers with better sound quality, but will it look as catchy? Grab the Honeycomb Speaker from ChinaGrabber or BigCartel for $15 + S&H.