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Android Apps Alert #77: Social Overload Edition

October 24, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Apps

The Android Market is rumored to have published 500,000 apps since it debuted three years ago. Thousands of those apps have been abandoned, removed, or replaced by better options, so the number isn't really what's important. What matters is that there are great choices out there to load on your phone, so here are a few new and recently updated Android apps that we think you should put on your phone. Click the "Learn more" to get a download link for the app.
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Quick Hits

Tout – Remember that app that Shaquille O’Neal used to announce his retirement? Well, it’s available on Twitter now. Tout is a micro-video service that users upload 15-second videos to share with friends. Most of you probably just share with your Google+ or Twitter app of choice, but here’s another option if that feature isn’t built-in. [Install]

Drawdle – We recently covered Doodle Physics, a physics game that requires users to be creative and create ways to hit a target. Drawdle is similar in that regard, only it has other challenges of moving objects and hitting targets. [Install] – Planning on selling your college textbooks or other books online? See if Cash4Books is a better deal than your campus store. Scan a barcode or enter an ISBN to see how much the site will pay you, print the free shipping label, and then get paid for the used books. [Install]

US Bank - Every bank must have a good Android app these days, and US Bank customers can test their own version to see if the company meets that requirement. The app can deposit checks, transfer money, find ATM’s/banking centers, and view transactions. [Install]

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