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Android Apps Alert #76: Tablet apps, trips, and zombies for everybody! Edition

October 14, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Friday is Apps Day at At the end of each week, we take a look at the press releases, review requests, tips, and many visits spent to the Android Market while watching trashy TV reality shows, all in the name of finding some interesting apps to recommend to our readers each week. Android Apps Alert is all about digging through the Android Market to find what you need, so take a look below and see what you want to load on your phone.

AT&T Drive Mode

Android 2.0+ required
AT&T Phone required

By now, you should know that only idiots and reckless people text while driving. It’s incredibly dangerous and really unnecessary, especially since you can use Vlingo or Voice Actions to text if you absolutely must reply (even though most of the time, you know that reply could wait). AT&T Drive Mode is an app that eliminates the worry of texting while driving. When activated, incoming messages and calls are silenced. An “Allow List” will permit the calls of 5 numbers if you have to be available to a spouse or child. Users can choose to send auto-replies explaining that you are driving and will contact the person shortly; auto-replies will count towards your SMS count if your texting plan has limits. Download this app and focus on the road, not your phone.

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TripAdvisor City Guides

Android 2.1+ required

Millions of people use TripAdvisor reviews before choosing a hotel, but what about when you’ve already booked your room and need something to do? That’s where TripAdvisor City Guide comes in. TripAdvisor has built 20 travel guides for several cities and Hawaii. We’ve covered a number of travel guide apps in recent memory, but what’s great about this one is that it works offline. That’s rather convenient for a traveler who may be roaming and not interested in excessive data charges, no?

Each TripAdvisor city guide offers locally-stored maps to help find your way across the city. It also includes self-guided tours to discover interesting attractions near your location, as well as city facts shared by members and edited by TripAdvisor staff. Throw in the many restaurant reviews and one app may be all you need to explore a new place. Visit the TripAdvisor page to choose a city guide.

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Contract Killer: Zombies

Android 2.0+ required

Zombies. Yup, they’re everywhere this time of year, and it’s time for a little fall cleaning in this game by Glu Mobile. Players take on the role of Shooter, a man tasked with killing as many zombies as humanly possible. Shooter takes a vantage point and starts picking-off the walking dead, using an arsenal of weapons to clear a path for other humans and get rid of zombies so you can pick-up supplies. The game is a first person shooter similar to the previous contract killer, only this version is less about stealth and more about precision and quick response. Use your sniper rifle, shotgun, or grenade launcher to take out the zombies and you’ll save the day while wasting time. What more could you ask from a mobile game?

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