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TripIt says Android users don’t travel as often, updates app to make it easier anyway

September 8, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



TripIt has introduced a new design for its popular Android travel app. The new design makes jumping from one section to another easier, reduces file size, and brings all the information from a traveler’s itinerary into one place. The changes were made to appease TripIt’s younger Android user base.

According to TripIt, Android users don’t fly as often as their iPhone and BlackBerry counterparts. While 21 percent of TripIt Android users jump on a plane 15 or more times per year for business, 23 percent of iPhone users and 36 percent of BlackBerry users reach that same threshold.

BlackBerry is still entrenched as “the business phone,” so it’s expected to have the highest rate of travel among TripIt users. What’s more interesting is that Android users take 1-3 leisure trips per year, while iPhone users take 4 or more trips.

Android users are stereotyped as being cheap while iPhone users are more willing to spend their money. I think less frequent travel has more to do with Android TripIt users tending to be in their late 20′s and early 30′s. That’s the time where people aren’t as established and are trying to save money to buy homes or start families. That’s the period folks transition from being carefree with their disposable income to tightening purse strings a little more often. Meanwhile, TripIt’s BlackBerry and iPhone users probably have a little more financial room to breathe since its users are in their late 30′s and early 40′s.

Regardless of how often someone travels, TripIt is a good option to have. The app can store your flight and hotel information to make it easier to check-in at the gate and keep track of a schedule. It even lets users add events for their trip plans. Download the free, ad-supported version from the Android Market, or get the version with no adds for $3.99.