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Tip: Download Google Voice, Picasa, and Google+ backups with Google Takeout

September 6, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google is a champion of the cloud, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take your personal data with you. That’s the goal of Google Takeout, and it’s now available for Voice users.

Takeout is a service designed to make it easy to export your data from Google services. It was originally pitched as way to get away from the approach of other services – cough, Facebook, cough – that put up roadblocks when trying to leave with your data. Takeout makes it easy to download things like call logs, contacts, and phone numbers from Google Voice.

The funny thing is that Google has made the mistake of pitching Takeout as something to use when you’re leaving services. It’s also a useful tool for existing users who just want an offline back-up or to export the data into another program.

Here’s how to use Takeout to create offline backups of your data.

  1. Visit and enter your log-in credentials
  2. Decide what to take. “All of your data” or +1′s, Buzz, Contacts & Circles, Picasa Web Albums, Profiles, Voice, and G+
  3. To grab data from limited places, click “Choose services” and select +1, Buzz, etc.
  4. Click “Create Archive” and then click “Download” once the .zip file becomes available.

Users can combine sources to create archives, and even create .zip files for multiple date. That allows anyone to have detailed archives stored both at Google and on their desktop or cloud storage service. Data back-up redundancies is an important thing to do, and Takeout makes it very easy.

via AndroidGuys