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T-Mobile holding a one-day sale on Sept. 24, all smartphones up for grabs!

September 20, 2011 | by Charles West

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T-Mobile has some great news for all its customers out there: the company plans to hold a one-day sale that allows customers a chance to get their hands on the latest and greatest handsets T-Mo has to offer with a down payment of $99.99 or less after mail-in rebate.

On Sept. 24, customers can pick up a pretty decent selection which includes the HTC Sensation 4G, myTouch 4G Slide or a T-Mobile G-Slate when paired with a Value Plan with 2Gb of data or higher on a two year agreement. And before you ask, yes, every smartphone, tablet and mobile broadband product will be included in this promotion. Probably the most important tidbit about this news is the fact that this deal works for both new and existing customers, so no one will be left out in the cold. For more details, check out this T-Mobile link here.

T-Mobile is known for these cheesy one-day deals, as the company seems to do this type of promotion every year. Now as someone who has actually gone to one of these promotions, I would say their for the most part pretty cool. I remember one time bringing my brother to a Father’s Day promotion, which let new customers get any smartphone they wanted for no money down. And to make a long story short, my brother left with a MyTouch Slide 3G with all of his money still in his pocket.

Are you excited about this promotion? What phone peeks your interest the most?

Source: T-Mobile