Photo Days Gallery groups your photos according to date instead of folders [App Reviews]

September 21, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The prevailing way to organize photos in most Android apps is to group them according to folder. For people who want their images organized according to a specific timeline, Photo Days Gallery is worth a look. Abandoning the folder-centric view, Photos Days Gallery groups pictures based on the day, month, or year that the image was created.

Photo Days Gallery is not always ideal. The only reason to have it is to browse pictures chronologically, and the app is a glorified thumbnail browser (viewing images in full screen requires using your preferred photo browser). However, PDG comes in handy when you want to filter according to a given time period.

For instance, my “Camera” folder is incredibly large, so it might be annoying to scroll through hundreds of photos to locate a couple of pictures from a wedding I attended in June 2010. And what if I downloaded some images from the event into my “Download” folder. Photo Days can go directly to pictures taken in June 2010, so I can take a shortcut to those images.

While Photo Days would be better if it could open images directly within the app, there’s value in the way it organizes thumbnails. The app filters out some non-photographs (.png icons and some wallpapers), and provides options for how the timeline is displayed. As a free app that’s only 173 KB, it may be worthwhile if you’re someone with a large photo library.

Note, depending on your device, you may get a force close loop if you select 4 columns and list view. Try to avoid turning on both of those settings.

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Android 2.1-2.3.3 required