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OrbLive enables streaming video, including Hulu and Netflix, to Android phones

September 12, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Entertainment, Multimedia


Orb is finally making its way to Android. Yes, the company previously had some support for accessing locally-stored videos and photos on Android, but the main draw of the app – the ability to stream on-demand television episodes to a mobile device – wasn’t available. Until now.

The OrbLive Android app will be uploaded to the Android Market sometime today, bringing with it the ability to watch Hulu and Netflix on a mobile device. The appeal of OrbLive has taken a hit in its delay of delivering these features, because both Hulu and Netflix have official Android apps already. However, there are still some people who may be interested in this app because it offers more compatibility options. Hulu and Netflix are targeted to specific phones with specific processors and specific versions of Android. OrbLive requires only a running desktop client (Mac or PC) and a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection to watch television. (Your computer must be on for OrbLive to work.)

Someone looking to watch Modern Family need only search for that show and OrbLive will find episodes on Hulu or Netflix and storm streaming. Shows are also offered through Amazon VOD and ESPN, so there will always be plenty of things to watch. Hulu episodes are available through OrbLive at no cost – other than the $9.99 price of the app. A Hulu Plus account is not required to watch, but having one will increase the number of options for viewing will increase with one.

Needing to have a computer running in order for OrbLive to work limits the service’s use. But if you constantly leave your computer on and want to watch television on the go, head over to the Android Market throughout the day and search for OrbLive.