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NFL ’11 for Android Tablets is your new best friend on Sundays

September 9, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



As I sat on my couch watching the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saint have a strong season opener, my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was on the coffee table resting comfortably. Come Sunay, that Tab will be put to work as the NFL has released its official Honeycomb app.

NFL ’11 for Android Tablets is part of a slew of Android apps the NFL has released for the 2011-2012 season. And while I’m sure plenty of people are ticked off that the phone app is available on for Verizon customers, and a few others that enable live game streaming requiring DirecTV, NFL for tablets is at least open to anyone with a Honeycomb device.

Football fans get basic information for all NFL action with NFL ’11. Schedules and scores for the entire season are easily accessible, and there’s a great game tracking tool to monitor what’s going on around the league. A special video section shows on-demand videos from the NFL Network, as well as highlights from select games. Sadly, the videos I attempted to watch were all of poor quality. Let’s hope streaming quality improves to be more like the ’72 Dolphins and less like the ’08 Lions.

The right fragment of the screen also serves as a dashboard for tracking the user’s favorite team. News articles from are available for league-wide stories, but there’s also a special section devoted to your local team. At the bottom, I’m also tracking division standings as the cutthroat NFC East gets underway.

A widget showing scores or schedules could come in handy, but NFL ’11 for Tablets is an otherwise useful app. Download it to your Android 3.0 or higher device and start watching your team inevitably fall to the supreme NFL franchise, which just happens to be…

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  • Watch on-demand NFL Network news and info
  • Filter your favorite team’s news and division standings
  • Follow game action with our drive chart and stats
  • Tap on team logos to see rosters, team stats, and player info