CM7 update adds WiFi, sound and Android Market support to the TouchPad

September 18, 2011 | by Charles West

Android Hacks, Android OS, Tablets


Well, it looks like the brilliant minds over at CyanogenMod have delivered its latest CM7 update, which adds WiFi, sound and limited Android Market support. This news comes after the IDC’s report of stalled Android growth by the $99 TouchPad.

The CyanogenMod team has posted a new video (below) showing the progress developers have made in porting Google Android to run on the 9.7 inch tablet. At first, only one core were being used, then later the update allowed for both 1.2 GHz cores to be operated, which brought smooth performance of the koi pond live wallpaper running. What is working as of now:

  • Android USB gadget with adb
  • LVM in Android
  • Touchscreen with multitouch
  • gfx acceleration
  • proper pixel format (color)
  • Sound via speakers
  • Wifi
  • accelerometer

The team also mentioned its plan to boot CM7 from LVM, which will allow it to easily dual-boot WebOS and Android in the future. Although lots of progress has been made, there remains some tweaking that needs some addressing like video playback via overlay, camera, Bluetooth, battery reporting, gyroscope, and compass (all aren’t working).

There’s no question CyanogenMod’s progress shows its commitment as to making a fully functioning Android port to replace webOS. I’ll give the developers of CM7 credit though, allowing both webOS and Android to co-exist with a dual-boot system in the future, but it’s meant to be seen if any of webOS’s features will be added. Like I said before in my editorial:

My fantasy is to see both platforms joined in some sort of way; if developers could join certain elements like webOS’s card systems on Android, users would be greatly appreciative — I know, I would. Truth be told, Honeycomb’s multitasking bar doesn’t hold a candle to the webOS card view – just my opinion.

I stand by those feelings. Perhaps, CyanogenMod could work on the things I’ve noted in its future updates — it would be incredibly beneficial for all Android users. If you didn’t get a chance to see CM7 update on the TouchPad, we have the video for you below — enjoy!

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