Muffin Knight – Rainbows, unicorns, and… poop [Game Review]

September 9, 2011 | by Ben Crawford

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From the developers of Guerilla Bob comes Muffin Knight, a great looking mix of action, RPG, and platforming. The levels are truly aesthetically stunning with shadows that create 2.5D (not two dimensions but not quite three either) and cute characters that offset the killing and maiming. With just a touch of progressive difficulty, Muffin Knight adds a high-quality casual game to a needy market.

The controls are simple: jump and shoot. Easy and quick to learn as all platformers should be. The levels are themed as forests, castles, and windmills so Muffin Knight has a nice, practical scenery for running and jumping. The object of Muffin Knight is to nab muffins wherever they spawn. If you’re on the lowest platform, they may show up beside you or on the farthest away from you so you have to get to them without being hit by monstrous pigs or ghosts or other devil animals/beasts. The beasts have a rage mode if you let them fall to the bottom of the level, and there are bigger baddies as you progress in the stage.

Every muffin you collect changes your character, giving you different attacks and throwing a wrench into your strategy. For example, the archer shoots arrows, ninja kitty has throwing stars, and the unicorn poops rainbows. Each character is diverse with attacks that make every character useful. Extra characters are unlockable after you gather a certain number of muffins, and each is upgradable by collecting experience points.

There is a good deal of replayability to Muffin Knight although I would really like to see more levels with higher difficulties. You can unlock and upgrade all the characters, unlock all the perks, and 5 star each level. Fairly common objectives, but that’s where the addicting gameplay comes in; there is always a high score to beat, and by sparing a minute on your break to play Muffin Knight, you may find yourself skipping lunch waiting for that magical, flawless run.

While the game is polished inside and out, I’ve noticed a little slow-down from time-to-time when collecting a muffin and changing characters. It’s not too frequent, but it is a bug I would like the devs to work out. Aside from that quirk, I really just want more levels.

Muffin Knight is simple in its scope, addictive in its gameplay, and has beautifully crafted scenery; the only downside would be if the developers let it fall by the wayside without additional levels or quick fixes. Angry Mob Games is a great addition to Android, and I hope they bring us more games like Muffin Knight.

It is Openfeint supported with achievements, and you can play with friends in multiplayer mode on whatever device they may own. Thankfully, Muffin Knight is also optimized for the Xperia Play and Tegra devices.

My Rating: 5/5 Rainbow poops

App: Muffin Knight

Developer: Angry Mob Games

Price: $2.99

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