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Google Goggles adds optional auto-search feature from new images

September 14, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Have you ever taken a picture and wished that you could immediately have that image used for a Google Goggles search? Me neither, but Google has made that a feature so you might as well see if it was worth the developers’ time.

The latest version of Google Goggles now features the ability to automatically do an image search whenever you use your camera. Before you jump up and down about privacy, this is an optional, opt-in, operational only if you select this option to opt-in (overkill intentional).

The “Search from camera” function allows users to use their standard Android camera app and have their pictures compared to Google’s existing library of images. So if you take a photo on vacation in front of a famous building or statue without realizing it, Goggles might tell you, “By the way, that’s a world famous statue of Bruce Lee.” Search results will appear in the Notifications bar.

Turning on this feature is fairly easily. Load Google Goggles and press Menu > Settings and then enable “Search from Camera.” I don’t feel the need to constantly perform searches from my default camera app, especially since I mainly take photos of people and Goggles does not yet support that feature, but I guess there’s potential for unintended comedy or knowledge. Download the app from the Android Market and see for yourself.

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