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Facebook Timeline will retell your story and Facebook life on mobile

September 22, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Facebook is in the midst of yet another major redesign that seeks to transform the way the company operates. At its f8 developer conference today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg showcased a new feature called Facebook Timeline, a chronologically-organized profile view that will “tell the story of your life” with photos, app activity, and updates. Timeline looked a little too MySpacey for my tastes, and instantly set off the “bring back the old Facebook” alarms, but the latest version of Facebook will also enable a major change to the mobile apps.

Zuckerberg confirmed that Timeline will arrive on mobile, though he did not provide any clues about when and exactly how it would look. However, during the demo, the Facebook CEO did briefly show how Timeline would look on a mobile device (Zuckerberg did not distinguish if it was a native or web app). The app lets users have a headline image, profile image, and then shows a Friends tab and Subscribed tab. It then scrolls down to the information shared with or by friends.

An Android app is likely to arrive with or soon after an iPhone rollout (if Timeline isn’t a webapp). The company has previously admitted that it did a poor job of getting feature parity between Android and iOS, and promised to be sure to deliver Android features. If Apple gets it, you’ll see it on the green bot, too. When exactly? That’s tough to say. Zuckerberg said a beta program for developers is starting now and regular users can sign-up to join at a later date. Also, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor said it’s “going to be rolling out timelines progressively over the next couple of months.”

Here’s a video showcasing timeline on a desktop.

image via IntoMobile