Coin Drop! – Plinko-ing into the casual market [Game Review]

September 20, 2011 | by Ben Crawford

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Coin Drop!, another hit iOS game, has been ported to Android, and with it comes tons of psychedelic fun. The level of polish and different types of puzzles in Coin Drop are amazing. Full Fat Productions threw everything into this casual game, and it’s an incredible product for casual gaming fans.

As with all casual games, Coin Drop is easy to get into and not too difficult to master. The object is to capture outlaw coins and lock them away to progress through each stage. Controls are simple; you drop coins from the top of the screen and hope they hit the outlaw coins, smalls pegs, or other various objects to score points.

Coin Drop reminds me of a mix of Plinko (Price is Right), Pinball, and Peggle. Various objects and obstacles hide the outlaw coins, making them hard to hit, and there are ways to score extra points, and you can get bonuses by bouncing off obstacles to reach the outlaws and pegs. As you progress through the stages, there are added obstacles like breakable bricks, female coins to free from cages, and spinning wheels which keep levels fresh.

Replayability in casual games is forever going to be stuck with obtaining stars, I’m afraid. This is an easy way to add replayability, but unless you really want to brag about your casual gaming feats, it’s time for something new. However, Full Fat has added plenty of levels to keep you entertained. You can also unlock extra character coins (dollar coin, zombie coin) which, again, is nothing new, but adds to the replayability.

The only quirk I noticed was some coins getting stuck against some obstacles. You are supposed to shake the phone in these situations, and touching the bottom of the screen will usually knock the coins loose.
The Android Market is slowly creeping in on iOS’ gaming space. Coin Drop! is another high-quality game that’s made the jump, and with all the extra features and the addictiveness of capturing outlaw coins, it’s easy to see the rise of Android’s casual game takeover. The amount of time spent polishing this game really shows. It’s quick to switch levels, to pause and play, and to exit. The graphics are smooth and the colors and levels are a trippy variety of rainbows and tie-dye.

While a few worlds are completely free, three extras are available at $0.99. I like this option because it gives most of us a free game to play without restrictions, and if you really like it, you can get your extra levels fix.

My Rating: 4/5 Zombie Coins

App: Coin Drop!

Developer: Full Fat Productions Ltd.

Price: Free (Extra paid levels)

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