ChannelCaster organizers all your interests for easy reading and watching [App Reviews]

September 27, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Millions of photos, videos, tweets, and articles are posted to the web each day. Channelcaster aims to organize them all into one neat little package perfect for your Android phone or tablet. Developed by OneLouder, the same folks who brought you Tweetcaster and Friendcaster, Channelcaster is one part social media tracker, one part news and weather seeker, and a video seeker. The object of the app is to scour the web for all of this content that you wish to access and arrange it according to your tastes.

ChannelCaster provides pre-organized “channels” focused on things like local news, sports, entertainment gossip, politics, or events. For instance, users can browse the Chelsea Handler channel and see clips from her show, tweets from or mentioning Chelsea, and news articles related to the host of Chelsea Lately. All of the content is displayed in a long stream of tiles, and similar channels are built for a variety of subjects.

Users will probably get a better kick out of the channels that they or their friends create. Channelcaster can build a channel around anything, and then make it private or public. So let’s say I want to create a channel built around Android. I would add RSS feeds from and a few other Android blogs, find videos with the word “HTC” in the title, photos from an Android photographers group, and tweets from the #android tag from Twitter. I could mix and match sources until I get things just the way I wanted.

The only problem with the “Android” example is that it’s hard to narrow the focus of the channel. Because YouTube notes when a video was recorded with an Android device, I see a lot of videos with no value to anyone but the person who recorded it. It’s great that Channelcaster lets users select content type, but you may see cases where further customization or filtering is desired.

Android is no stranger to user-controlled news, but ChannelCaster hopes to differentiate itself by being more social and portable. Users can connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts, build profiles to connect with likeminded users, and share their channels with others. Best of all, channels are portable and can be accessed across devices. Create a profile and build channels on your phone, that same information will be waiting for you should you ever need a new phone or install ChannelCaster on a tablet. Channelcaster makes it easy to “discover, mash, and share” news, so download now to organize information to your heart’s content.

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