Battleground – Castle-stormin’, Line-strategizin’, and Cartoon-fightin’ [Game Review]

September 23, 2011 | by Ben Crawford

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Battleground is a new, unique strategy game. Upgraded characters, nicely drawn cartoonish characters, and 25 different battles are stacked onto simple gameplay with tough strategies. As an evil king with three lines of warriors, you are meant to defend your castle while destroying your opponents.

Battleground is an amalgamation of different set-ups and gametypes. It’s a line defense similar to Plants vs Zombies, but instead of static defenders, your warriors move to attack too. There are also some RPG tactics because you can upgrade your characters and castle. Lastly, a hint of strategy is thrown into Battleground as some warriors are better equipped to fight each other.

The controls are as simple as point-and-click. You select the line you want to place the next character, then select the character. You can flood one lane with a certain type of character, although you’ll have to wait for their respawn time, or select readily available units to send into the field. The warriors attack automatically so during gameplay you really only need to worry about which units to use against your attackers.

The simplistic gameplay covers up the fact that you have to grind. Certain battles have a high jump in difficulty so to level your characters up enough, you will know the first few battles like the back of your hand. With the type of game Battleground is, grinding isn’t uncommon; it’s something you do to get to the battles full of finger frenzy.

One major bug in Battleground is the resolution or screen size. It may just be my Xperia Play, but when selecting a battle, a quarter-inch of the right side of the screen is mirrored with the left side of the screen. When you begin the battle, the game cuts this part of the screen off and goes black so it’s not a hindrance. This is a big, noticeable bug, but I can’t say for sure if it’s on every device.

I would like to see some variance with the levels and a fix for the screen bug, but Battleground really whets your appetite for strategy-defense games. It’s a different take with moving characters instead of static, and with some RPG elements, Battleground has all its bases covered for any type of gamer.




My Rating: 3/5 Slain Warriors (4/5 once the resolution gets fixed)

App: Battleground

Developer: Orz

Price: Free

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