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Android Apps Alert #74: Wallpapers and Wallets Edition

September 26, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Much of the Android world is on the edge of its collective seat waiting for Amazon and Google to announce its anticipated devices. But when the Nexus Prime and the Amazon Android-based Kindle tablet finally arrive, people are going to want to know which apps to install on their new toys. That’s why we’re here to help with Android Apps Alert.

Each week, reviews a few new Android apps worth highlighting. Some are developer-submitted, some are user-submitted, and others were stumbled upon out of smart luck. Regardless of how we discovered them, we think someone out there is bound to enjoy a few of the selections. Without further ado, here is Wallpapers and Wallets, the latest version of Android Apps Alert.


Android 2.1+ required

Exchanging contact information is simple. Tell someone your phone number, then your email address, Facebook, Twitter, website, and…you know what, it’s not so simple after all. There’s also a chance that you might be without a printed business card, so Cardcloud aims to be the de facto way to exchange contact info digitally. The app creates an online profile that links to all of your pertinent contact and social media data.

When in the presence of other Cardcloud members, you can then beam that info (or email) to each other and have the location where you met stored in your profile. You can also create multiple cards, so the info you share at a conference may differ from what you beam at a wedding. Cardcloud can link to the following accounts:, Delicious, deviantART, Facebook, flickr, Foursquare, GitHub, GTalk, Hyves, LinkedIn, Mobypicture, Picasa, Google Profiles, Skype, Slideshare, SoundCloud, tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Xing, and YouTube.

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Plush Cat Live Wallpaper

Free Lite, $0.99 full
Android 2.1+ required

I’m more of a dog kind of guy, but feline-friendly people may be interested in Plush Cat. This customizable live wallpaper shows a cutesy cartoon cat that rests on the home screen and responds when the user pets or tickles it. A free version is available for testing, but purchasing the 99-cent version provides the option to change the color of the background or the cat. The Plush Cat holds a sign with a message changed every now and then, and it will even notify you if a new message or email has arrived.

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Triposo World Guide

Android 2.1+ required

Last week, we covered how Gowalla seeks to be the “Social atlas” for the world, but it’s limited to a select group of cities and places. There are plenty of apps out there with a wealth of information for travelers, including Triposo, a company started by former Googlers. Triposo is a travel app that provides quite a bit of background information on countries, including the culture of that place as well as things to do. The “Destinations” section has plenty of tips on where to eat, what to do, where to party, and which sites to see. Users can mark places as favorites for easy bookmarking or quick access to directions and contact information.

There are plenty of great recommendations available in all of travel guides available for Triposo, but what makes this a special app is that it also gives details about how someone can expect to be received in certain locations. Pulling in data from Wikipedia and Wikitravel, users can get a view of crime and safety concerns, what kinds of faux pas to avoid, and how to get around the city or country. Triposo has downloadable travel guides for dozens of countries and cities that will make your tourist experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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Go Photo

Android 1.6+ required

Yeah, yeah, you’re sick of all the “photos with filters” Instagram-lite apps that are coming out. However, I’m sure someone still hasn’t found that particular app that will edit your photos with effects, tint changes, loom, and montages. The infamous Go Dev Team has released its Instagram-clone titled Go Photo, which has 60 filters/effects/themes. The camera replacement app is a little clunkier and not as customizable as some of the other apps of this nature that we’ve covered, but it has a simple Snapbucket-like interface. Users can register for an account to enable sharing with friends or passing that photo on to another application.

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Android 1.6+ required
Not available in all areas

And while we’re on the subject of things that are beaten to death, you know what comes next: daily deals! Binggo actually saves users from having to monitor the many daily deal sites and group buying services that have popped up in the past couple of years. From Groupon to Living Social, and several more, the app plainly states what’s offered in your area and how far you’ll have to travel to recoup it. Binggo lists deals in order of proximity, then provides details about expiration date, discount price, and provides a link to access the deal directly through whichever service promotes it. Users can also filter according to category (food, health, retail, activities, etc.), so you’ll never have to look too far to save a few bucks.

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Virtual Wallet by PNC Bank

Android 1.6+ required

PNC really let folks down with its official app, which is really just a link to their mobile website. Virtual Wallet is a proper PNC Android app, and it comes with a few features that users come to expect from a native app. It’s not perfect, but it does have the widely-popular mobile deposit feature offered by some of PNC’s rivals. Users can take a picture of a check with their phone and then have the funds deposited online. Virtual Wallet then lets users transfer money between accounts, pay bills, find local ATM’s and branches, and managed their calendars within the app.

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Own the Game

Android 2.0+ required

Remember that fun Android game FlickKick Football we reviewed? It’s a shooting game that requires players to flick a soccer/football to curve around defenders and into a goal. Adidas-sponsored Own the Game is made by the same development team, only it’s all about everything that happens before you take the big shot. Players must send well-timed crosses between, over, and around sliding defenders in order for a teammate to get off a shot in time. Accurate passes to the chest or foot earn extra points, and each of the 12 levels require a certain amount of points earned in order to own the game. Connect with OpenFeint to compare your score against others.

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