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YouTube for Android updated, bringing title editing and playlists to mobile [App Updates]

August 8, 2011 | by Tony Price

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It looks like Google has been in a giving mood lately. After bringing one of the best mobile apps for any social network to Android, they have gone through the process of upgrading a handful of their other apps. We saw a brief leak of a new Search app earlier today. Now, the Android version of YouTube has been updated to version 2.2.14, bringing a handful of notable changes.

Along with the expected bug fixes and performance upgrades, this new version of the YouTube app offers users and content creators more control over video. If you upload videos to YouTube (Who doesn’t?), then you will be happy about the new uploading UI. You will also be able to make use of the ability to edit the title, description and privacy of your uploaded videos.

If you are just a consumer of YouTube videos, then there is good news for you as well. Google has brought the ability to create, edit, and delete play lists to the mobile experience. Personally, I love using YouTube play lists to watch a series of videos, like this History of the English language (possibly NSFW).

Overall, I think that this update is a very welcome set of changes. While it isn’t in the market as of the time of writing, I’m sure that the link will work soon. You can also grab the update form the phone version of the market, like I did.

If you think there is a feature that needs to be added, or you just want to make a little comment about YouTube’s Android App, let us know in the comments below.

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