Xperia Play rooted, instructions to follow

August 4, 2011 | by Ben Crawford

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On XDA, user ashergray has stated he has discovered a way to crack the Verizon version of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. I’ve been waiting for this for a while, and it will be even nicer once ashergray releases a basic tutorial for us simpletons later this week (be patient). I have a code to unlock it personally, but I’m going to wait until I’m certain of all the steps so I can write a small tutorial for the 50 people with a Play.

While Verizon and Sony Ericsson gave us an almost vanilla Android Rom, the minuscule internal storage on the Play has had me lamenting the few Verizon apps that they threw on there. I’ve already complained/tweeted to SE to give us a little help as I’ve been unable to install some games that I bought my Play to play. I don’t know how much space we’ll save without these apps, but even 20mb would save me some heartache.

Our GSM brethren have had root and a few custom ROM’s for a while now, and the Cyanogen team have even thrown some support behind the Play. The Verizon version isn’t thought to be too different from the GSM version, so CM7 and other custom Roms shouldn’t be too far off once a simple, public method to get to the bootloader and obtain root  is available.

Again, I have a code from ashergray, and a few people have root so all we need to do is be patient, and the great Android devs will release it to the masses. Here are some pics from this XDA thread to prove he has obtained root. It’s an exciting day for Xperia Play owners.