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Virgin Mobile goes after AT&T and T-Mobile in new ad campaign

August 8, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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When you think of the of the advertising wars taking place between carriers, it’s typically concerning AT&T vs. Verizon, T-Mobile vs. Sprint, or Sprint vs. everybody. Virgin Mobile is throwing its two cents in by attacking T-Mobile’s position as the “value” carrier.

A new advertising campaign mocks T-Mobile USA’s notion that it’s the most valuable option for Android smartphones. While T-Mobile’s Carly-themed commercials paint Big Magenta as the place to go for people looking to save money, Virgin has its spokes-couple “Sparah” mocking T-Mo for not having a $35 unlimited data and messaging plan with no contract. There’s even a dig thrown in at AT&T’s planned takeover of T-Mobile.

The 30-second commercial set to air on television is a surprisingly aggressive shot at T-Mobile. Virgin Mobile, which is an MVNO that delivers service through Sprint, has previously relied on funny commercials focusing on its prices so low that people are driven to madness. This appears to be a better strategy than the crazy – and downright creepy, I might add – commercials that Virgin previously ran.

Take a look at Virgin’s new commercial and let us know which style you prefer: “We’re better than those other guys” or “We’re going to make you a stalker.”

“T-Mobile has anointed itself as the value leader in wireless. Yet they’ve conveniently left Virgin Mobile out of their comparison set, so we’re crashing their party. No matter how you dress their plans up, they’re no match for Virgin Mobile’s no-contract, Unlimited Data offering at $35/month coupled with Android-powered phones like the new Motorola Triumph.”

Bob Stohrer, vice president of Marketing, Virgin Mobile USA.