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University of Southern Miss offers its Honors students a thousand Galaxy Tab 10.1′s

August 1, 2011 | by Charles West

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Samsung with the help of the University of Southern Mississippi are making it cool to be an honors student. Thanks to Samsung students get to be one of one thousand to receive a Galaxy Tab 10.1 to carry with them throughout their studies. Just think of the advantages this would bring for a student who couldn’t afford one of these tablets — so kudos to Sammy and USM. Furthermore, the Galaxy Tab’s will be pre-loaded with Blackboard Mobile for access to course content, schedules, grades, and even e-textbooks. This is very forward thinking for the future, I hope all college campuses follow suit.

This undoubtably will transform the educational space as students and professors share the same hardware and software, enabling them to experience and share audio, video, and other learning materials to accomplish classroom goals. The vision of having heavy textbooks vaporized into digital form on thin tablets, is a direction every school and publisher should strive for. Just think of all the cost both industries could save? Adoption of more digital learning is the wave of the future, it saves cost while increasing portability for both students and professors.

This news is awesome, I wish an Android tablet were available for me when I were getting good grades in school. Who knows, soon you’ll be able to do assignments during class while updating your status on Google+. With tablets inside of classrooms the future looks promising. To find out more information, checkout the press release here