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tumblr for Android 2.0 is twice as good. Reading and creating is much easier now

August 30, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Blogging platform Tumblr has just made its Android experience much better in the 2.0 update posted to the Android Market today. Though I actually enjoyed using the app before, the company boasts of an even better app thanks to a new endeavor that was “rebuilt format he ground up.”

Tumblr for Android‘s new UI is the first thing you’ll notice about version 2.0 of the app. The big blocks showing the different types of posts that you could draft have been removed. In their place are tabs for reading other tumble blogs that you follow, items that you have liked, and an administration page to play with user settings. You may instantly recognize that it’s actually much easier to read through the tumblr app and there’s less dominance on the creation of new posts. (It also more resembles the tumblr online dashboard.)

It’s still very simple to create a post with Tumblr for Android – just press the pen and paper icon in the top right corner, and then select which type of post to create. However, there’s now the added bonus of being able to post to multiple accounts. It’s common to have multiple blogs, and tending to the queue or posts of any blog is done with quick swipes from one account to the next. (This is for multiple blogs, not multiple accounts).

I haven’t done much in recent months with the Androinica tumblr, but this newer app will probably encourage me to use it more often. Be sure to follow that account for future updates. Here are the other specs listed by tumblr (Android 2.1-2.3 required):

  • New interface: A total redesign centered around Android’s hardware and software.
  • Manage multiple blogs: It’s now a simple swipe to access your different blogs and manage your drafts, queue and followers on-the-go.
  • Create a post:  We’ve highlighted posting to Tumblr so you can share text, images, links, chats, quotes and videos whenever you want.
  • Messages: View and reply to messages for each of your blogs.
  • Address book: Find people to follow from your phone’s address book.
  • New users: Sign up right from the app.
  • Bonus: For quick sharing, you can post anything from your home screen via the Tumblr widget.

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