Toshiba Thrive Portfolio 360 case review [Accessories]

August 17, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



The Toshiba Thrive is a highly-customizable Android tablet, debuting with a surprisingly wide range of accessories available at launch. Among those many options for enhancing the Thrive experience is the Portfolio 360, a case that both protects the Toshiba tablet and extends its usability.

While some people may mistakenly believe that the Thrive’s large size and solid replaceable back cover is enough protection in case the device is dropped, that’s not really the case. As noted in our Toshiba Thrive review, the tablet’s rear is actually hollow and not much more secure than its rivals. The Portfolio 360 case is a true bodyguard made of synthetic leather that provides an extra layer of “durable hard shell construction.”

The synthetic leather has a pleasurable texture that offers an added sense of security should a user drop his or her tablet. It’s not the most aesthetically durable material, however. After a couple of weeks, the case took a few nicks and the outer material on the latches that secure the Thrive in place chipped away. In theory, that’s good because those scratches could have been on the device; however, at $59.99, one would expect a more premium experience. (The case is more affordable at third party stores, some as low as $39.)

Ever had a formica desk? Than you'e likely familiar with the chipping issue on the Thrive case latch.

The functionary benefits of the Portfolio 360 are more interesting than the fashion-based values of the case. The same ridges that protect the screen can also be used to keep the tablet standing vertically or horizontally at a variety of viewing angles. Instead of having to hold a tablet during video chat or while watching a movie, the Thrive can be propped-up to enable a hands-free experience. There are four ridges that offer just the right viewing angle depending on a user’s height or position, and the ability to rotate the case means switching between portrait and landscape is painless.

The negative factor most likely to concern potential buyers is that this case adds a small amount of extra bulk to a tablet already thick enough to earn the nickname of the Honeycomb Hulk. The design is elegant for protection, access to ports, and positioning, but this added girth may be a detraction. With that said, the drawback is minimal when weighed against the added benefits of the Portfolio 360. Anyone who owns a Thrive and wants to keep it safe and standing should consider this case.

  • Dimensions & Weight: 7.25” W x 11.2” L x 1.4” D; 1 lb
  • RoHS compatible
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Toshiba 10” Thrive™ Tablet PC series
  • In the box: One Toshiba Portfolio 360 case and instruction sheet
  • One-year limited warranty