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The Tribune Co. working on its own modified Android tablet?

August 9, 2011 | by Charles West

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I knew at some point one of the major newspaper publishers would take the plunge in developing tablet computers of its own. The Tribune Co., one of the largest U.S. news organizations, is working on a touchscreen tablet that it plans to offer to newspaper subscribers, according to sources of CNN. Tribune has an impressive portfolio of major newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun and the Los Angeles Times.

Now, this modified tablet the Tribune Co. is working on, is said to prominently feature software for the owner’s hometown newspaper. The device will be marketed in a unique way, being offered for free, or at a highly subsidized price, for those who agree to sign up for extended subscriptions to one of its papers and possibly a wireless-data plan with a partner cellular carrier. When it comes to highlighting what matters most, which is its coveted publications, this could be an effective tactic.

CNN also mentions there were many stumbling blocks that prevented the Tribune from hitting its targeted testing phase it planned to implement in mid-August. Another problem worth mentioning is Tribune’s newspapers don’t have apps optimized for the new batch of Android tablets, which run Honeycomb.

The tablets from each are expected to function like other, similar consumer devices, meaning that users can freely download other apps, play games and surf the Web. There isn’t any confirmed report as to what manufacturer will produce these modified version Android tablets, so stay tuned.

The Tribune Co. has been in financial troubles for years, trying to emerge from chapter 7 bankruptcy hell. And tapping the little green robot to solve its problems is really no surprise. Lets face it, Android is great for failing companies. The Tribune isn’t the only one guilty of this, but in my opinion this seems to be the new direction for all major newspaper companies, as tablets continue to dominate the way people receive their news.

For more in-depth info, read CNN’s article here.