Who is the Spanish T-Mobile Girl? Meet Valeska Castillo

August 31, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



“The T-Mobile Girl,” as she’s often referred to by people watching the NBA playoffs, is a model named Carly Foulkes. But while everyone has been asking “Who’s that girl from the T-Mobile commercials?” for several months now, they have also been asking that question about a new person with whom you may not be as familiar.

That person is Valeska Castillo, star of a Spanish-language campaign of the “I’m a T-Mobile…” ads that introduced us to Carly. Also taking a cue from the I’m a PC vs. I’m a Mac commercials that T-Mobile originally took shots at, Castillo stars in a physical representation of T-Mobile’s plans being better than rivals. Rather than focus on attacking just AT&T, “Change” makes the issue more about how the T-Mobile is a more affordable and valuable option for all smartphone buyers.

Since “Change” began airing, I’ve seen Valeska appear on bus stop billboards here in Miami, and in more TV commercials while watching Univision or Telemundo (I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I watch soccer and Sabado Gigante occasionally). I’ve been trying to track down more info on Castillo, but was unable to discover her name until today when photos of her popped-up on Miami music and lifestyle blog A quick IMDb check then unearthed this fun fact: the Miami native appeared in two episodes of The Glades as a character named Carly.

While Publicis produced the Carly commercials, credit for ads starring Valeska goes to Conill Advertising, a California and Florida based company that T-Mobile calls on for Spanish-language advertising. (It’s not uncommon for companies to choose different ad agencies based on campaign goals, history with reaching target demographics, or the direction the wind blows.) Here are a couple of ads below in case you haven’t seen either on TV already. I was able to get a translation of the first ad, but you’ll have to hit-up Translate or a Spanish-speaking friend to understand the second.

via The305 Thanks, Dro Diddy!