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RushCard users get Android app to manage pre-paid debit cards

August 29, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



RushCard has finally delivered an Android app for smartphone owners looking to manage their accounts on the go. The prepaid debit card provider has followed the trend of other banks like Bank of America and Chase by building an Android app that lets users monitor their accounts.

The mobile banking trend has finally trickled down to RushCard users, who can now check an account balance or view transaction history to make sure that everything is order. The Android 1.6 or higher app can perform transfers from one RushCard to another, including your own or that of a friend you owe money to for splitting pizza costs. Users can even bump phones to exchange contact information and store information for people whom they wish to transfer money.

RushCard, the prepaid Visa debit card service endorsed by music mogul-turned-entrepreneur Russell Simmons, is a fee-based charge card that uses only funds deposited by cardholders. It’s commonly used by young people, students, and people sending remittances to family members as a way to access money without having a checking account or credit card. That’s a convenient option for some, but not having a way to easily monitor or manage account status was anything but convenient. The lack of an app was especially troubling considering that so many of the RushCard’s target audience (teens and college-age consumers) use smartphones.

Download the app from the Android Market and set-up a username and password to access your account. An existing account will work as well.

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