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August 24, 2011 | by Dean Sherwin

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Recently, London and much of the UK saw the worst rioting in decades. Across the Middle-East popular up-risings in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Libya have dominated our news. Today, hundreds of interesting speeches, events and gatherings of all sorts will take place in the US, Europe and all over the globe. Almost all of them will be recorded in one way or another and likely find their way onto YouTube. 

Streaming video live, however, is becoming increasingly popular particularly when you can publicize the stream quickly on Twitter and Facebook to almost guarantee viewers. Live Reporter is a new application for Android which allows you to do just that. You can stream events and happenings around you to all your friends and indeed the entire world using your Android phone and an internet connection (preferably WiFi but a strong 3G signal will work fine too).

Going live is quick and easy. When you turn on the app you simply have to tap ‘Create New Stream’; select a category and add tags; add a description of the event you’re streaming; you’re then connected to LiveScoop (an online streaming service) and can go live by touching the ‘Go Live Now’ button. Easy, right?

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You can use your phone’s GPS function to add a location to your video or you can select it manually using LiveScoop. This is really cool as users can simply go onto Livescoop and see what’s being streamed in their area.

The stream link can also be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks as LiveScoop streams are public. And if your friends happen to miss the action when you’re streaming it live there’s no need to worry as LiveScoop stores your feeds as videos once you’re finished broadcasting.

This application needs Adobe Air to run however, which is available free on the market here. You’ll also need Android 2.2 and up.

Overall, I think Live Reporter is a really cool application to have as you never know when something major will happen around you. Instead of taking a picture or short video like most of us would, you can stream it live!

Name: Live Reporter

Price: Free

Link: 2 Happy Pixels

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