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Is this the next version of HTC Sense? [VIDEO]

August 29, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



HTC was the first manufacturer to heavily customize (or “skin”) Android, and the Taiwanese manufacturer recently made major changes to the user interface in recent phones like the EVO 3D and Sensation. Another round of UI tweaks is on the way according to a video posted online. recently leaked a few screenshots of a new Sense UI, and today the Chinese-language website posted a 5-minute walkthrough showing off some new animations and design changes in what is allegedly the next version of Sense. I say “alleged” because based on the talent that we’ve witnessed with the way developers can modify existing software, this could just be a hacked ROM or pre-released software and not necessarily something official coming from HTC. Modders are proving themselves good enough to be hired by manufacturers, so who knows what’s possible. (The phone shown in the video is an HTC Bliss, a yet-to-be-released phone, so that lends credence to its authenticity.)

With the words of caution out of the way, take a look at this demo video, spotted via In it, an XDA member takes users through some of the homescreen animations, browser skin, and changes to the lockscreen and launcher that show off what could be in the pipeline. Sense UI has come a long way since the original HTC Hero debuted in 2009, and has evolved into something that’s practically unrecognizable from those old ways. Good or bad, it doesn’t even resemble Android as we know it.

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