iLeaf earbuds & mic combo deliver sweet sound and clear calls [Accessory Review]

August 26, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android tablet explosion has been great for experiencing media and gaming in new ways, but people may still want to make GTalk calls on a Xoom as much as they want to listen to The Strokes. The Ounuo iLeaf Earbuds is a great earphone-and-microphone combo for people looking to listen to media or have a video chat.

The Ounuo iLeaf earbuds are not as awe-inspiring as the Beats line of earphones. They are also not nearly as expensive and still a big step above the average headset. Rather than use the thin circular cord common among earphones, iLeaf features a flat cable less likely to tangle. However, this also creates sound issues if too much pressure is applied onto the cord, so users have to be conscious not to rest their elbows or forearm on top of it.

Three earbud sizes help buyers find the most comfortable set-up. Even more comforting is the typically super sound quality. iLeaf pumps bass with “precision” instead of rattling or noise. The combination of better bass support and external noise canceling make for a crisp, distinct sound. That quality extends to voice calls as well, so you shouldn’t have any trouble understanding anyone provided that your network can handle the bandwidth. The microphone sounds almost as good as my desktop headset and conversations went smoothly.

The 1.2m cable length is just a tad shorter than most earphones that I’ve used, but iLeaf performs better than the average headset. The presence of a microphone for calls serves as an added bonus for an already appealing pair of earphones. iLeaf delivers a premium multimedia listening option for a less than premium price, and serves more than adequately when communicating with others. Available at ShopBGA for $49.95, the iLeaf Noise Canceling Earbuds come in Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, or White colors.