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Google+ invites now easier to share thanks to a special link

August 7, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



With an estimated 25 million members, Google+ has exceeded the realm of what’s typically considered exclusive. However, Google still hasn’t fully-opened its gates to anyone who wants in, so people are constantly asking for Google Plus invites.

Google is finally making it easier to bring people into the fold through a special invite link. Rather than have users manually invite friends or try to use workarounds that don’t always work, users can simply share a link. When an existing Google+ users logs into his or her account, there should be an “Invite friends” button in the right panel that looks like this.

Clicking the button will bring up a window in which someone can copy-and-paste a link to share on the web or email directly to their friends and family who have yet to make the jump from Facebook, Twitter, or Mys…nevermind.

The catch is that only 150 people are able to click the link, which is the first time I’ve seen Google place a limitation on the number of invites that one person is able to send. Best of luck to everyone who spots someone willing to open the door for them. Once you’re in, be sure to read our guide to using the Google+ Android app and check out our sister site that covers the Google Plus website, Chrome extensions, tips, and more.

By the way, a few readers asked why there’s no Androinica Google+ page but we keep inviting people in and covering the app. The reason is that Google doesn’t allow brand pages yet, and though a couple Android sites are breaking the rules, we’ve decided to just be patient. We look forward to being able to share with you on G+ as we do on Facebook and Twitter, but for now, we think our readers care more about getting into Plus and seeing it for themselves. As such, we’ll continue covering G+ and trying to get in as many people as possible. (<— ahem)