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Google+ for Android updated to bring Re-Sharing and more languages to mobile

August 25, 2011 | by Tony Price

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Wow. The team of Android developers behind Google’s app must never sleep. It seems like every few days there is a new release of one of their apps for us to talk about. On Tuesday, I posted on the update to to the Android Market app that gave it deeper integration with Google+, Google’s highly popular social network. Now, Google has updated the official app for that network to bring two highly requested features: Re-sharing of posts and ne languages.

Let’s start at the top. Google has decided that re-sharing posts is such a popular feature on Google+ that it needed to be added to the mobile app. Now, you simply tap the post, hit the ‘. . .’ more button, and re-share it just like you would on the main page. This means that you can now pass along humorous or important updates to everyone in your circles while on the go.

While it wasn’t featured in a Google+ Post/YouTube video like re-sharing was, I feel like this second update is a big one for international users. The Google+ for Android app is now available in 38 additional languages. While I hadn’t heard any complains from any of my international friends, it is nice to see Google thinking of its world-wide user base.

There are other updates included in this newest version of Google+ for Android as well. They include:

  • Ability to create a new circle from the “Circles” destination
  • Incremental improvements to notification reliability
  • Clearer Instant Upload options in the initial setup dialog
  • Bug fixes, performance fixes, and minor UI tweaks

What do you think of this update to Google+ for Android? Will you make use of the new features? Let us know how you feel by leaving a comment down below.

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