Go Launcher becomes an even better home launcher with Facebook & Twitter widgets [App Review]

August 1, 2011 | by Ben Crawford

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With each update it seems my favorite Home replacement launcher, Go Launcher EX, greatly expands its functionality. Recently, Go Launcher has received upgrades to its own store, the Go Store, in the form of Widgets. It has quite a few now, but I want to talk about two that caught my eye: Facebook and Twitter.

Many people love LauncherPro, as I used to, because of its very functional social widgets. But the new social widgets from the Go Dev team have surpassed LauncherPro and are taking on the widgets of full-fledged apps. The official Facebook Android app is an abomination, and I don’t even have it installed on my phone because the Go FBWidget does all I need. The widget shows the status updates of your friends, and allows you to comment or like their statuses. It also lets users update their status. You can configure the times that it updates or refresh it yourself. Compared to the regular Facebook widget, it’s miles above and has a decent white and blue color theme while also showing previews of any content your friends have posted.

The Twitter widget is a much more complex beast. I use Twitter more often, and I don’t think I could live without a dedicated Twitter app (I use Plume). However, finding a solid 4×4 Twitter widget is more of a chore than it should be, and this is the main reason I use Plume. When the Go Devs released the Twitter Widget today though, I had to try it. The basic features of any Twitter widget are there: viewing your stream, mentions, and messages, and the ability to tweet. Users click links to get to content, or click on other users’ handles to view a basic profile, mention them, or follow them. It is also very simple to upload or take a picture and tweet it.

While these features are great and they work very well (Plume only shows half my Twitter friends’ thumbnail pictures in the widget), there are a few features that could be added. The blue and white theme looks nice and complement each other well, but it would be nice to be able to customize the color-scheme fully. Another feature which I think would be nice would be the ability to view pictures in pop-ups instead of having to launch the Facebook/Twitter website/app.

I believe both of these are semi-beta and very new, but they already have a plethora of features that I enjoy immensely. Keep in mind, you will have to have the latest version of Go Launcher EX installed to use these, but if you enjoy them, hate them, or have any thoughts to missing/wanted features, leave some comments below.


App: Go FBWidget/ Twitter GoWidget

Cost: Free

Developer: Go Dev Team


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