Eternity Warriors – More swords, less guns than Gun Bros. [App Review]

August 30, 2011 | by Ben Crawford

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Eternity Warriors is another action/joystick adventure game developed by Glu Mobile, the creators of the great Gun Bros, Star Blitz, and Super KO Boxing 2. While Eternity Warriors is one of their newest offerings, it draws heavily from Gun Bros and Star Blitz. Glu Mobile hasn’t evolved or gone astray from its highly successful Gun Bros-gameplay style as Eternity Warriors is simply a case of a new game in an old shell.

The basic game of Eternity Warriors is to use the on-screen joystick (or Xperia Play touchpad) to direct your warrior and light/heavy attack buttons on-screen (instead of using dual-joysticks a la Gun Bros, Star Blitz) to defeat hordes of enemies.  In each world, there are multiple levels to battle the zombie/demon hordes which you need to beat to unlock the next level or world. Very simple, very common gameplay. Again, it is extremely similar to Gun Bros in that you can purchase weapons, armor, and upgrades through the armory with your collected experience points, in-game money or real-world money. It is every bit the action/RPG mix a lot of modern games like to employ.

You will immediately notice that Eternity Warriors wants you to log in to Facebook to play. You can either see this as a major annoyance or an easy way to team-up with your friends. One of the greatest positives of this game, and Glu Mobile’s other offerings, is the ability to play with friends. Eternity Warriors is OpenFeint enabled which is always good, and the Facebook feature lets you find friends to play alongside.

I enjoyed the visuals in Eternity Warriors more than Gun Bros. It doesn’t seem as dim or hard to see as Gun Bros does sometimes, and Eternity Warriors has a more vibrant color palette compared to the green and brown of Gun Bros. Though the stores and levels have a higher variance in style, the weapons and armor are fairly plain with minimal aesthetic differences except color. But it’s hard to re-invent the sword or ax.

The few gripes I had with this game were the lag in gameplay (on both my Xperia Play and Galaxy Tab) and the resolution of the game itself. Attacking became difficult when trying to time attacks when the lag came into play (I found this to be the case with Star Blitz too), and, overall, the game doesn’t seem nearly as polished as Gun Bros. While Eternity Warriors’ menus and shops are much easier to see and touch than Gun Bros, there also seems to be less thought put into the game as a whole.

If you would rather bring swords to a fight than guns, and love joystick/action/RPG games, Glu Mobile has your answer with Eternity Warriors. It is an almost exact copy of Gun Bros, complete with armor, upgrades, and a myriad of weapons so if you’ve played that, Eternity Warriors will feel very familiar. The best thing to do is find a few friends on Facebook and OpenFeint and start up a co-op game of demon-slaying.

Rating: 4/5 War Hammers

App: Eternity Warriors

Developer: Glu Mobile (Top Developer!)

Price: Free

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