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ESPN Goals Android app shows video of the best EPL goals and more

August 10, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The 2011 season of the English Premiere League starts this week. If you can’t get to a television to see Berbatov, Drogba, Rooney, and Tevez battle for the Golden Boot, download the ESPN Goals app and see highlights of all the action on your Android phone.

Available now in select regions, ESPN Goals posts videos of the Premiere League’s best goals right after they happen. Minutes after someone “puts the ball in the old onion bag” as Tommy Smyth loves to say, the video is available to stream on your Android device. The one exception to that near-live footage will be Saturdays after 3 PM. Due to UEFA rules, highlights from those matches are not available until after 5:15 PM.

It should also be noted that the app is available only in select regions, likely because of broadcast licensing issues. Users in the UK should have no issue accessing the app provided their device is compatible (1.6 or higher), but American fans are not able to access the app. The Android Market will not show it on my phones or allow me to install it from the website. Android users in Europe, Middle East, and Asia can try their luck here.

Those lucky enough to access ESPN Goals will also get live scores and stats, fixtures, match previews, and the ability to be notified when new videos are available. This may not be as robust a news source as compared to other apps, but if you just want to see goals and know the score, ESPN Goals could be a great app to have.

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