ESPN Fantasy Football 2011 Android app is back…for free?

August 24, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The ESPN Fantasy Football 2011 Android app is now available for anyone with an Android 1.6 or higher phone. The app arrives just in time for ESPN Fantasy Football users to prepare for their upcoming drafts, but it has a feature not seen in previous seasons: a $0 price tag.

ESPN Fantasy Football was a paid app last year, but the 2011 version is available in the Android Market for free. I thought it may have been because I purchased the $4.99 app last year, but even after logging out and into a separate Google account, the app was still available at no charge. I then installed to check if some form of subscription is necessary, but the only requirement appears to be signing-up for a league on a desktop computer before downloading. Fantasy football at no cost other than the many hours spent researching your picks? I’ll sign up for that.

Even if it wasn’t free, ESPN FF 2011 would still be a must-have Android app for anyone participating in an ESPN league. The app has full team management for setting starting line-ups, adding or dropping players from the roster, and administering trades or waivers. It also has real-time scoring in your weekly matchups, news stories from ESPN to help make your lineup and acquisition decisions, and a league message board with read/post privileges. The Notifications setting alerts users about injuries, players being benched (in real life), and hourly score updates.

It’s important to note that this app supports only 2011 teams, so if your league has not drafted yet or you participate in a keeper league, you may not see your team listed. Download from the Android Market and get all the fantasy news, alerts, and game management you need. Using this app is a no-brainer; sort of like drafting a RB in the first round (Chris Johnson, please end your holdout). Also remember that you can find a similar app for your league on

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