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Dell waves farewell to the Streak 5 tablet

August 12, 2011 | by Charles West

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Dell has finally given up on its 5-inch Android tablet, the Streak 5. Stepping in to replace the discontinued tab will be its larger Streak 7, as well as accessories for those who already own its smaller tablet. To me, the Streak 5 will always be remembered for being the original Android device that dangerously flirted with the line between tablet and phone.

Lets reminisce on the past. When the Streak 5 launched last year the handheld was criticized for being shipped with Android 1.6 on board with a quick update to 2.1 about a month later. Then in November, Dell finally brought Android 2.2 to the platform with an over-the-air update. So stumbling out of the gate with outdated Android versions inevitably squashed any chance of real success for the tablet.

Now back to the present. Aside from its smaller tablets, Dell has the Streak 10 Pro, which is a 10-inch slate still awaiting its release here in the US. Sadly, the attitude shared by the company’s vice president and manager of its mobility business, John Thode, suggests we may not see the 10-inch tab for some time, as China is the only one who currently sells it.

As we all gather together to send the Streak 5 off with the perfect eulogy. We would like to know what thoughts come to your mind when you think about the Streak 5? Also, will Dell ever make a successful tablet people can grow to love?

Source: Dell