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Dear, Android fans: enough with the “put Android on HP TouchPad” talk

August 29, 2011 | by Charles West

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It’s been over a week since HP officially killed all webOS devices, but with a recent clearance sale of both its 16GB and 32GB slates selling respectably at $99 and $149, has caused people to snatch up every available pad from every retailer known to man. This price drop has allowed people to buy the TouchPad who probably wouldn’t have done so before, ushering in a whole different group of users: Android users. It’s safe to say that we in the Android community get carried away with the thought of our OS being hacked on any and every device, even if it doesn’t belong.

Well, in the case of HP’s TouchPad, there’s been a burning desire to put Android on it. I fully understand discontinuation of the TouchPad, but come on guys. Have we lost all respectability when it comes to other platforms that kick ass similar to our beloved Android OS? If you’re a true fan of all things handheld and gadgety, then you can respect the awesomeness that is (or was) webOS. I cringe every time I hear someone on Twitter, Google+ or any tech site suggest knocking webOS off the TouchPad like its garbage so they can port in Android.

My fantasy is to see both platforms joined in some sort of way; if developers could join certain elements like webOS’s card systems on Android, users would be greatly appreciative — I know, I would. Truth be told, Honeycomb’s multitasking bar doesn’t hold a candle to the webOS card view – just my opinion.

Knowing just a bit about the intricacies behind open source and coding, I realize HP must first release the webOS source code to developers for any kind of meaningful tinkering to happen. If HP ever gets around to doing such a thing, it would definitely be interesting to see the best of Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) and webOS 3.0 together. Now that’s a chilling thought, right? Such a union would immediately improve systems within Honeycomb like notifications, corporate email, and multitasking.

The bottom line is, instead of disrespecting webOS we should use it to help make Android a better all-around experience.

If you didn’t get a chance to see CM7 on the TouchPad, we have the video for you below.